Repairs & Rebuilding

When piano ages its parts become worn out and might demand different repairs. The piano can also be damaged by fire, water, or chemicals. Repairs include repairing damaged action mechanism, keybed, and pedal system. Soundboard cracks, bridges, pinblock, case parts, loose tuning pins, broken strings and more can also be repaired. Repairs involve some elements of reconditioning.


Rebuilding a piano, or restoration, means replacement of piano parts so the instrument sounds, works, and looks as much like new as possible. Typically that involves disassembling of the piano, removing the strings and plate, replacement or repair of the pinblock, soundboard and bridges. If the client desires so refinish of the cabinet might be performed. Rebuilding is usually done on finer quality grand pianos as it requires considerable amount of work.


The most often performed procedures include:


  • soundboard repair and refinish

  • bridge repair

  • plate refinish

  • replacement of the pinblock (or repair)

  • replacement of the bass and treble strings

  • action restoration and regulation

  • replacement of hammers/shanks/flanges

  • ivory restoration or new keytops placement

  • key rebushing

  • replacement of dampers

  • cleaning and buffing of hardware

  • restoration of keybed and pedal system

  • voicing and tuning (pitch raise to A:440) at least four times

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