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With over 40 years of experience, we've helped thousands of customers tune, regulate and restore their pianos.

Tuning, repairing & restoring - since 1981

40+ years of tuning, preparing and restoring pianos worldwide.

Piano Tuning

We are providing all necessary piano care and maintenance services in order to keep our customers happy playing the instrument.

Voice & Regulation

It is recommended to voice the piano every 3 to 4 years. Piano voice and regulation are important part of the satisfaction and pleasure that your piano brings to you.

Piano Maintenance

My approach to each instrument is very individual and always reflects my intuition and experience.  The stability of tuning depends on the professionalism of the tuner and the technique that is used.

Repair your Piano


Soundboard repair and refinish

Bridge repair

Replacement of the pinblock (or repair)

Any other parts related repairs.

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Restore / Rebuild

Piano parts replacement and restoration.

Plate refinish

Action restoration and regulation

Replacement of hammers/shanks/flanges

Replacement of dampers

Custom restoration plan.

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מכירת פסנתרים ואביזרים נילווים

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Buyer Consultation

We perform an onsite inspection and appraisal of the piano and get the competetive cost for your piano.

Piano Import / Export

Full-service piano relocation, handling and shipping services. We take care of everything for you.

Piano Accessories

Order all essential piano accessories: everything you need to improve your piano playing experience.


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Tuning, repairing & restoring - since 1981